7 Questions That Tell You Who You Are

I believe that it is our purpose on this earth to uncover our true nature, to understand it, embrace it and live our lives guided by it.

You are not defined by your job, your family, your past, your future, your depression, your weight.

What defines you is WHO you are.

So who is that person? Do you know?

Well, if not, here are 7 questions to help you discover your true self:

How do you treat yourself?

If you are incredibly judgmental and critical with yourself, you are probably like this with the people in your life. If you are optimistic and easy-going, then you are probably like this with the people in your life. Also, how do you feed your body?

The relationship you have with yourself reflects the relationship you have with others.

What values do you live your life by?

What’s important to you? Solitude or connection? Fun or structure? Strength or calm? Justice? Freedom? We all have different values that are important to us. If you take a long, hard look you will begin to see the values that you live your life by.

Your actions will revolve around them and you need them to feel whole.

P.S. We will be doing a deep-dive values exercise to uncover our most important values and how to live by them at The Self Care Reset on June 11!

What could you spend hours and hours doing because you love it so much?

Make an exhaustive list. Write down all the things you enjoy. Now be honest, how often are you making time for these things in your life?

What are your most frequent habits?

Take a moment to reflect on your life in the past week. What have you spent a lot your time doing? Our habits create our minutes, hours, days and eventually our life.

How do you define your spiritual practice?

Research shows that those who have a regular spiritual practice are happier, more at peace and have less anxiety and worry than those who don’t.

There are a million different ways to have a spiritual practice. Maybe yours is singing in your church choir, or maybe it’s walking your dog after dinner every night, or doing marathons, or journaling or hip-hop.

Anything can be a spiritual practice as long as it provides a soft, safe place for you to land when things are awesome and when things get dicey.

What do you believe about yourself?

Beliefs run deep, deep, deep. If you believe you are a piece of shit, you will act like a piece of shit. If you believe that you were put on this planet for a reason, you will act like you were put on this planet for a reason.

What you believe, you receive.

How do you handle setback?

It’s impossible to never fail or fall flat on your face. Everyone experiences heartbreak, disappointment, embarrassment, guilt, and shame. That’s a given. But it’s not the experience that matters so much, but the way we react to it.

Now, take a look at your answers. Do you like what you see? Are you proud of person you are and the answers you wrote down? Is the person you see close to the person you want to become? If not, try this.

Lindsey Allen