Hello there, new friend!

I'm Ashley Looker: Women's Wellness + Eating Psychology Coach, Yoga Teacher, self-care advocate, and half of the duo behind Eff Perfect. This is my cozy corner of the world where I support, empower, and guide a community of women back to self-love and true embodiment of who they are right now by feeling fully alive in mind, body, and soul. 

I consider myself more of a Guide than a Coach - because I am right here with you in this Life journey. I never ask anyone to practice anything that I haven't or aren't currently practicing myself. That's partnership.  

My calling is to live in a world where women care less about the number on the scale and more about the way they feel. A world where cellulite and stretch marks are things we embrace, not something we feel ashamed of. Where we don’t have to apologize for our imperfections. A place where food is freedom, not captivity.

I want to live in a world that cares less about diets, and more about liberation.
Where women heal and support each other, instead of compare each other.
Where you can un-apologetically be you.

I want to live in that world.
And if you’re with me?


I’m beyond excited you’ve found me. Together, let’s find unique, holistic happiness.
Ashley x

Let's get to know each other, yeah?

Here's how.

Nourish Your Soul jeans.jpg

When we talk about food, more often than not, we end up talking about life. Everything - relationships, career, sense-of-self - it's all wrapped up in the way we talk about food. So let's dig deeper beyond just 'the food' and start some Soul Work.

Soul Work is the internal journey that is fundamental to happiness; it's about sustainable change, whether that change be in weight, in mindset, in beliefs, in relationships; it's about moving past a physical emphasis (like getting that bikini bod before swimsuit season - which, btw, is kinda bullshit) and learning how to tap into joy, love, and innate wisdom we all carry; and it's about knowing that, no matter what, odds are you are a mother-fucking badass. And it's at the root of every goddamn course, pdf, ebook, or one-on-one with with me. Soul Work is where the good stuff happens.

You have the power to know you have a choice in how you respond, what you believe, what you value - and it all starts with soul work.

Let's nourish that soul, shall we?

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I have a lot of feelings (don't we all), and I like to write about them.

Like, you have the right to live based on your truth: to be vulnerable, to take risks, to listen to your most authentic self.

You have the right to find joy in your truth, to feel empowered and loved.

You're have full permission to skip the bullshit we all distract ourselves with.

Read on, sweet friend.

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Have you ever met someone and instantly thought, “Wow, this person is awesome, and I need to be her friend!” Like you just knew they landed in your universe for a reason? Yep, that’s what it was like when when I met Jenna. It wasn’t long before we were talking about how we could collaborate and create something amazing together. From a shared passion for supporting women in living their best lives free from perfectionism, Eff Perfect was born.

Having both struggled with perfectionism in our own lives, we know firsthand how paralyzing it can be. Too many women (ourselves included!) let perfectionism run, and sometimes ruin, their lives. So we like to have conversations with rad women that give a front and center middle finger to perfection. New podcasts are added regularly - if you're the subscribing type, subscribe so you never miss one!