Episode #3 Uncanny Convos: Erin Motz


Ok. All joking aside, Erin Motz is one of the coolest, kindest, most authentic chicks I (now) know. I had THE BEST time interviewing her – she’s a real darling y’all.

I have been following her blog and site Bad Yogi for a little over a year now and if I’m not laughing my head off at her goofiness, I’m nodding my head in agreement with her ideas, inspirations and snippets of advice. She’s been such a breath of fresh air for me as a yogi who, just like her, is a little bit bad… in the most fun and healthiest way!

If you don’t know Erin and Bad Yogi, you should…

Her mission is all about redefining the yoga culture by taking the pretentiousness and exclusiveness out of it and making it accessible to everyone. She believes, ‘Yoga is for everyone – from the kale loving vegan to the prize winning deer hunter.’

Make sure to jump on her list to get free yoga classes, Q & A’s and much more! You can also find her on Instagram (I love seeing all her amazing adventures as she explores the south of France). 

Also, you know how I am all about creating your unique health and happiness? Well, that’s exactly what Erin does in her new Perfect Body Yoga Program where “your perfect body is the healthiest version of the one you already have.” Genius, I tell you! I am SO on board with everything she is putting out in the world.

Erin owns her authenticity, isn’t afraid to be a little goofy and is an empowered woman making a positive impact on the world. She’s a true badass making shit happen with her beautiful, soft spirit.

From one bad yogi to another, you freaking go, girl.

Interview is 35 minutes long (and a must-see if I don’t say so myself  

“When you know yourself, you are empowered. When you accept yourself you are invisible” ~ Tina Lifford

Musings: Let’s face it, we all like to be a little bad sometimes. How can you make your life more juicy by being more inclusive and adding things in, rather than restricting?

Think outside of the box and let us know in the comments below!