The Slow Down Diet Quiz:

Is busyness destroying your happiness? 



1) Do you find yourself impatient with yourself and others because you are always in a rush?  

2) When things go bad and I am fed up with life sometimes I use food, alcohol or social media to numb out and forget about the crumminess that is happening. 

3) I often feel exhausted, depleted and zombie-walk to bed, sometimes too tired to even brush my teeth. 

4) Most of my days consist of me giving to others, taking care of my family, doing chores, running errands, and don't get much time to myself. 

5) I've been on 5 or more diets and/or I am currently struggling with my weight. 

6) I often turn to food when I am stressed out. 

7) I often feel like I didn't get enough done or could have done more - and if I don't get something done, I feel guilty AF. 

8) When I am around people during the day I don't feel fully connected to them, nor to myself, because there is always SO much on my mind. 

9) I'd be a lot happier if I was able to slow down, be more present and fully be engaged in my life, rather than life always feeling like it's happening TO me. 

10) My mood often depends on how well I ate that day, how much I got done, or how much I weigh. 

11) I worry a lot about my future.

6 + Yeses

There is nothing wrong with you! 

This I I know for sure: You're a doer, a determined women who loves to get shit done (and sometimes at the expense of her own self care). 

You try not to, but you often equate your productivity, your weight and how well you ate with how good you feel about yourself - it's a vicious cycle Your worth feels like a transaction: "get a lot done/lose weight/stick to diet = good/worthy/happy." But if you "don't get anything done/lose weight/stick to diet = bad/unworthy/unhappy." You know you could be happier, but it's hard to get motivated when you're THIS busy. 

I know exactly how you feel. Wonder what kind of changes you could make in 12 weeks? BIG ones. Like REALLY big. You're literally ready for this and all signs are pointing to YES. It's time to say yes, darling.

4-5 yeses

You realize that life doesn't need to be about DOING all the time. You work hard to be mindful, but it's not quite a habit yet. You often fall back into those old patterns, because you're human! 
Your mindfulness practices need some polishing around the edges, and you know with a little nudge you could really bust through that last barrier. Accountability could catapult you to the next level and The Slow Down Diet community will help you do that.

Also, check out the book The Slow Down Diet by Marc David - you won't regret it!!

0-3 yeses

You most likely have been practicing mindfulness for years and are totally in tune with the amazing benefits of living a present and mindful life. You listen to your body, nourish your mind body and soul, and feel happy as hell most days. BRAVO. 

Webinar Replay: The Life-Changing Magic Of Slowing Down