Own Your Joy:
A 12-Week Journey Back to Empowerment

The joy you seek is already within you, my dears.

You've made every external shift under the sun. You've tried every diet, exercise routine, smart watch, app, therapy, read every book, hell, maybe even considered something more drastic, like moving across the country or getting the fat sucked out of your thighs - all this, and you still haven't found what actually works. You may have put the weight back on or started back up with that nasty habit, either way, you just don't feel like you. You're stuck, unmotivated, uninspired and feel hopeless and powerless most of the time. Hell, you may already be telling yourself you're crazy for looking at yet ANOTHER personal development or dieting program.

But let me stop you right there, darling.

This isn't just another dieting program - actually, far from. You and I are both smart enough to know that shit doesn't work. Let's face it, you don't really want another dieting program anyway. You want something that ACTUALLY works. Something that gets you on the right track - and keeps you there. 

That's where the Soul Work comes in. 

If I could make an educated guess about you, it'd be this: you are craving a whole hell of a lot more than Halo Top, hamburgers and paleo-duped-fettuccine-alfredo.

It's not food you really need; it's nourishment. 

Own Your Joy is a program designed to create an optimal internal environment through true nourishment, love and joy, so you give your external environment (ahem, your body) the best probability of being the best that it can be. 

Anyone can change how much protein they are eating or how many hours of cardio they are getting in - that's why so many people do it. And what typically happens? They do well for awhile, then poof. They are back to where they started. 

Dieting and making drastic changes can be super sexy and oh-so-intruguing. But 9 times out of 10 they lead to dead-end roads...and that 20 lbs mysteriously coming back. 

TRUTH: Your joy has nothing to do with how you look, the shape of your body, relationship status, or bank account. That's right. Your external circumstances have ZERO pull when it comes to joy, and everything to do with your beliefs and values turned action. 

And Own Your Joy is designed to get you there. 

The nuts and bolts of What you get: 

  • 12 one-hour Soul Work sessions. Me. You. Magic.

  • All sessions are recorded and yours to keep.

  • Own Your Power Weekly Action + check-in email.

  • Own Your Joy Welcome gift - who doesn't love getting presents in the mail?!

  • Support in between sessions via Voxer, a voice and text messaging app. Yeah, consider me your BFF, your cheerleader, your biggest supporter for the next 12 weeks.

  • Access to my Resource Library of hundreds of worksheets, guides, articles, love, you name it

The big picture of What you get: 

Results: Let's face it, this is what you really want, right? What you really want is to look in the mirror and see the perfect body and never struggle ever again. Well, you might not know it yet, but that's not exactly what you want. What you really want is TO FEEL GOOD, no matter what the shape of your body takes. Here's the cold, hard truth: nothing about your body needs to shift in order for you to feel good. 

Resilience: No more getting discouraged, pissed off and all victim-y when things don't go your way. You're stronger than that. And when you fly the coop, and our work together is done, you'll soar knowing you've totally got this shit. 

Positive mindset shift: An internal shift in perspective of how you view your body, food and everything that comes with it in-between is ESSENTIAL to your success. If you want results, you gotta go IN. 

Healthy habits: You won't even realize the unhealthy habits have totally disappeared because the healthy ones have already become your life. YES.

Clarity: You can expect answers and a clear direction moving forward, because I know you've been crazy-frustrated with the inconsistency of your habits and goals. It's time to find out why. You'll get super clear not only on what to eat, but how to eat. 

Partnership: I will be right along side you the whole way to remind you how badass you are when you want to throw in the towel. I will not let you quit and I promise to nurture and nudge you back on track when things slip. I am someone who will be there with you as you create the necessary (and sometimes difficult) habits, so when our work is done, you are confident AF to spread those wings and fly (cue a chorus of "Fly Like an Eagle").

Does this sound like you?

  • You who don't shy away from the tough work.

  • You are ready to step outside of your comfort zone in the name of transformation.

  • You don't mind an F-bomb here and there.
    (Hell, you may even participate.)

  • You are committed and ready to live and love your best life.
    And you're open the fact that this 'best life' may not be what you've always pictured.
    But it's gonna feel so good

 $2100 or 3 payments of $700

Summer Special: $100 off!

Two 30-minute follow up coaching calls

(Only 2 spots available)

Ready to dive in?

Applying does not obligate you to join Own Your Joy.


Listen. I know this all may sound a little, let's say, powerful.

And you'd be right. This is powerful work we are doing together.

What if I also told you you could be happy even if you don't lose the weight? What if I told you, you can be happy even when shit hits the fan, even when something doesn't work out, even if you stay at the exact weight and things get really hard? 

But you're not here for 'easy.' You're not here for yet another program that works temporarily - you're here for the sustainable and lasting change that you have always wanted. And sometimes that means things need to get a little....messy. Because let's face it, those old patterns and stories and excuses need to be put to bed once and for all. We need to breakdown the bullshit so your true light can shine. 

The truth is: nothing about your body needs to change in order for you to Own Your Joy. And when it's all said and done, weight loss or not, I bet you're still not even going to recognize the person you have become. 

Picture this:

  • You're no longer totally thrown off the second your friends ask you to happy hour, or you have to stay late at work and have to opt for takeout.

  • Skipping a day at the gym won't be grounds for punishment of a puny dinner or no dessert.

  • Guilt? What guilt? Guilt isn't even a word in your vocabulary anymore.

  • You'll start to love the inherent curves and folds and naturalness of your body. You'll start to cherish the skin and bones and everything in between.

And believe me, you're going to kill it. 

You ready to do this? You're about to get your MBA in Owning Your mother fucking Joy. 

 $2100 or 3 payments of $700

Applying does not obligate you to join Own Your Joy.

It does, however, confirm that if we are a good fit, you are aware of the scope of the program, and fully willing and able to participate deeply.

The application process helps us both clarify if we are a good fit for one another.

So let's try the shoe on and see if it fits, shall we?

I am SO EXCITED to meet you. 


The Nitty Gritty A.K.A. The own your joy roadmap: 

Week One: Values. When you live your life in alignment with what's most important, you are less likely to make decisions that sabotage your joy (and your health). 

Week Two: Primary Food. When our Souls are starving we often reach for food. Knowing our primary food encourages us to know the difference between physical hunger and Soul hunger.  

Week Three: The Spirituality Of Slowing Down.  It's true. Your success doesn't lie in some quick fix. Learning how to pump those breaks will get you to your goals even faster.  

Week Four: Excuses, Expectations + Time Wasters. It's time to identify what tends to get (and keep) you off track. 

Week Five: Discovering Who You Are As An Eater. Because how you eat and who you are when you eat, is just as important as what you eat. 

Week Six: Embodiment. Learning how to live IN the body. When we are embodied, we are living our best life. 

Week Seven: Self Care, Self Compassion, Self Trust. Your self care is a priority that cannot be compromised. 

Week Eight: Personal Power = Metabolic Power. Learn the physical, emotional, and mental importance of standing in your power and strength vs. being the victim. 

Week Nine: The Continuous Practice Of Letting Go. With the massive amount of advice, opinions, input and information thrown our way, we need to know exactly how to let go and consistently come back to our truth. 

Week Ten: Tapping Into Your Divine Feminine. In an immature world so focused on external beauty, we will learn how to stand in our power, our bodies and our lives with grace, glory and guts. 

Week Eleven: Owning Your Authenticity + Truth. Your eating, lifestyle and movement needs are unique and the truth heals, so let's get clear on what works best for you. 

Week Twelve: Re-defining Success, Purpose + Goals. Why do you want this? What's going to keep you on track when the going gets tough? And re-framing your future goals. 

$2100 or 3 payments of $700

Applying does not obligate you to join Own Your Joy. However, it does confirm that you are stoked about tapping into your joy and joining if we are a good fit. 

Here's what some of my Former clients have to say: 


Joy can't wait any longer, darling. 


Can I really be happier and more joyful after 12 weeks? 

Absolutely! If you dedicate time and energy to this program, to your health and your happiness, I have no doubt that you will be happier than you were before. Of course, it takes action and accountability to get to where you want to go, which is exactly why I will be right there with you along the way. 

Can I reach out to you in between session? 

Yes! That is part of your program! I know how things can come up in between sessions and I want you to be able to access me and utilize me throughout these 12 weeks. My office hours are M - F, 8 am - 3pm and I will be available to support you and answer you questions via email during those times. Although I typically respond much quicker, please allow 12 - 24 hours for me to reply. 

I suffer with depression and have a really hard time finding my joy. Can this program still help me? 

I do believe it can, with one caveat - that, if necessary, you receive the help and support from a certified counselor or therapist during our work together. I am not certified to diagnose or treat depression, but have found in my own life and my own experience that many (if not all) of the things we will be practicing and learning in this program have decreased my depression significantly. This may or may not be the case for you, but I want you to remember that many of the choices we make in our lives either contribute to our depression or contribute to our happiness. In this program we consciously and mindfully make choices based on our happiness. 

Do you offer different payment plans? 

Yes, I do. If you prefer a personalized payment plan feel free to contact me right here. In the message, tell me what you'd be able to pay and we will get you all set up. Money should never be a reason why you are not living your best life. 

Other questions? 

Contact me right here and I would be happy to answer them for you. 

Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it everyday.
— Henri JM Nouwen