Episode #4 Uncanny Convos: Jenna Teague


Duuuuude, you guys. This chick Jenna Teague is the shit.

You know when you have a conversation with someone and that magic happens where you kind of just click? Like the stars aligned and you knew they were dropped into your universe for a reason? Yep. That was us.

Jenna is a Self Love Guru + Holistic Health Coach, therapist, podcast host at Nourishing Real Talk and business strategist at NourishYourPractice.com. I mean, is there anything this woman can’t do?!

Jenna is a multi-passionate, funny, light hearted, smart-as-the-Dickens, insightful entrepreneur with a big heart and awesome perspective. She knows how to cut through the B.S. and get to the deep stuff – the stuff that really matters. She’s thoughtful, inspiring and really lives her authentic life. Yeeesss. 

In this vid Jenna talks to us about:

  • Her magic solution to getting unstuck
  • The only way to deal with a rude obnoxious person (I totally stole this!!!)
  • Where to start with this whole ‘self love’ thing (this is BIG stuff)
  • How to be guided by the internal vs. external…sooooo good
  • And more!

Interview is a little longer, about 43 mins. But seriously peeps, so many nuggets of wisdom in this! Enjoy! And let us know your thoughts below!

What’s your biggest a-ha from this interview?

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