How To Handle Losing Momentum

Last week I was siiiiicccckkk. I mean, really sick.

I could hardly get out of bed, was shooting NyQuil like it was good tequila, and thought somebody was surely hitting my entire body with a hammer.

It fucking sucked.

I hadn’t been sick like that in years. 

To make matters worse I had a couple important projects in the works, new clients coming on board, and was stoked about the broader impact I was starting to make. The future awaited!

Then WHAM!!!! I’m down for the count.

Not only was I pissed off about this incredibly inconvenient sickness, I was also riddled with guilt.

I had to cancel all my clients, put my projects on hold, and worst of all – do nothing. 


What were my clients going to do without me!? I was totally letting them down!! They’re gonna wonder how a “Health Coach” gets sick!! I’m a failure! How does a Health Coach get sick?!

(To answer that last question – I don’t know? By being fucking human???)

My thoughts took me down a deep, dark rabbit hole of shame, frustration and defeat.

When I was finally able to pull myself up from the depths of hell, I came to a couple conclusions:

  1. I was sick for a reason. 

I wasn’t listening to my body, or The Universe. The week before I got sick I was so tired, and I kept pulling Oracle cards that said “Stop” and “It’s not an emergency.” Yet I kept going…and going…and going, until I was flat on my face sicker than a dog.

If I am honest with myself (and I try desperately to be) I’d say I haven’t really stopped since last summer when I was planning my wedding.

That’s insane. 

So it made complete sense that my body was reacting this way. I wasn’t going to stop, so The Universe forced me to.

I desperately needed to take care of myself. But I was pulling the classic entrepreneur card ‘I can wait – business first!’

But how can I expect my clients to take care of themselves, if I am constantly putting my self care last and not paying attention to what I need?

I can’t. Period.

Practice what you preach.

2. Patience, my dear. 

Oh, the ol’ divine timing concept that always seems to come back and bite me.

Now that I can look back with 20/20 vision, I was pushing, pushing, pushing myself to the limit.

Because I put my business on hold for a few months to plan my wedding (a choice I’d make ten times over) I was so gung-ho about finally having the time to focus on it that I may have went a little cray-cray.

Ok, ok, I did go a little cray.

I was living with the scarcity mindset that I didn’t have enough time to get things done, that projects couldn’t wait, and that I had to make up for lost time.

The lesson: It’s bullshit. 

First of all, the time I took off to focus on my wedding, was not time lost. It was a priceless experience gained.

Remember, remember, remember – there IS enough time. I ALWAYS have enough. I WILL get done what needs to get done. The level of success that I want to achieve WILL happen.

Let go of the agenda.

Trust, trust, trust, sweet cheeks, just trust. 

Lindsey Allen