Free + Clear

A 3-part workshop for letting go of your mental, physical and emotional clutter so you can fucking thrive.


You’re about to feel lighter, more confident and more in alignment with what you truly desire.

It was October 2018 and I felt more bogged down than ever. I was overwhelmed by the disappointment of not reaching the goals I set for myself, feeling incredibly scatter-brained and in scarcity mode around money (and my goal that year was the exact opposite!) and had basically given up on my business, my health and my happiness.

Have you ever felt this way?? Like you’re banging your head against the wall?? When you’re just like ‘screw it, I tried!! Apparently I just don’t have what it takes. Happiness and success and feeling really good just isn’t for me.”

It was a horrible feeling, especially as someone who is highly ambitious, over achieving and determined to reach her goals.

And then, an email slid into my inbox from Danielle LaPorte called Free + Clear, and everything shifted….it became clear to me that…

I was a completely different person than I was in January…And so are you.

Here’s the truth of the matter - there’s a very good possibility that you have outgrown the goals you set in January. You’ve also most likely accumulated experiences, knowledge, habits, lessons, beliefs and possibly even traumas or new baby humans. So the fact that you are feeling incredibly overwhelmed, uninspired, misaligned in your life, tired as fuck and possibly even giving up actually makes perfect sense - because you are still holding onto so much from this past year.

So much of what we take on, is not ours to carry, and this is your permission slip to let that shit go.

You may be here because you want to finally feel really fucking free - once and for all. Free to be who you are, to let go of the pushing and striving and finally tap into exactly how you want to feel. Because here’s the thing baby doll - so much focus on goal-setting is aimed outwardly. Tomorrow. The future. Gotta get there. And of course, a forward perspective is essential for reality-making.

But the map that’ll help you get what you want the most is in your cells. It’s not a motivational formula. It’s not something you can get “wrong”.

I do a lot and am successful at what I do. But the workshop helped me recognize that I’ve been stuck in survival mode – the joy in what I was doing wasn’t there. Getting in touch with the feelings that drive what I do takes me beyond survival and into thriving, which makes life so much sweeter.
— Tracy Green

3 workshops for $30 each!!

The freedom you desire is in your pleasure and your dissatisfaction—where the messy human stuff collides with your big dreams. Our desires are a manifestation code. And our here ‘n’ now struggles, the micro and mega, have to be held up to the light so we can get… free & clear.

FREE & CLEAR is a prequel program to Danielle LaPorte’s highly praised and well-loved Desire Mapping process for soulful goal-getting.

This is guided introspection to look at where you’re at in your life, what’s in your heart of hearts, what’s rubbing your spirit the wrong way, and how you define “free”—before you create your great plans. With that kind of clarity, manifestation becomes a supercharged process. And you can really put your Soul into your goals.

This workshop is for sweet, ambitious over-achievers who are needing clarity. I see you ;) To gently let go of what you have accumulated over this past year. To celebrate what has gone well, acknowledge where you struggled, bring light to your thought and behavioral patterns that hold you back, step into gratitude and learn how to live from a place of empowerment.

As a band of badass empowered women we will work on:

  • Getting clear on what worked, what didn’t, what felt best and what felt the worst - clarity and alignment in action!

  • The essential things you need to stop doing in order to thrive.

  • The powerful transformation of consistent and intentional gratitude.

  • Creating clarity around our negative self talk so we can free ourselves from negative thought patterns.

  • We will create a Trust List + a Pleasure List.

  • I will walk you through some powerful rituals for letting go.

  • And finally, together we will feel lighter and more aligned than ever before…and just in time for 2020.

What’s Included:

  • $90 (only $30 per workshop!!)

  • 3 hour-long interactive workshops - recorded and yours to keep fo’eva

  • Beautiful printable 45-page workbook

  • An opportunity to get personalized coaching with me

  • Access to muah over the course of the 3 week course

 So what do you think, darling? You ready to lose the masks, the doubt, the psychic weight…let’s do this.

And when you sign up before October 16th you will receive a free 30 minute Goals With Soul session with me!!! ($150 value!!!)

Questions? Hit me up right here. I offer payment plans upon request.

Do you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?
— Danielle LaPorte