Food & Spirit

Health is so much more than what you’re eating and how you’re moving -

it’s also about who you’re being.

We often go about weight loss and healthy eating the wrong way - we either start feeling like crap, are diagnosed with an illness or gain weight and decide something needs to change, or we are guilted or shamed into eating a certain way - both of which are initiated from a negative place. PSA! This never ends well.

Does this sound like you? 👇

You start dieting out of shame or hate for yourself, your body and food. You decide it’s time to do something drastic, so go all in, only to return back to where you started weeks or months later. We do good for awhile, we ride the high of weight loss and ‘clean eating’ and then life happens. We have one ‘bad day’ or go to a party or eat one ‘bad’ food and soon enough, we are completely ‘off track.’ The diet just isn't sustainable.

Then what happens? We blame ourselves for failing, not the diet.

The unsustainable thing about diets is that they ask us to shift our entire life around to accommodate the diet. In Food & Spirit, we create food and body practices that easily fit into your unique life so it’s sustainable, affirming and life-giving.

In Food & Spirit, it’s all about feeling good, first. It’s about aligning with the food and body practices that fit easily into your life. Hallelujah!!

In Food & Spirit we make food sacred again.



The way in which we behave with food, starts with how we think and feel about food. In this module we will identify our Toxic Nutritional Beliefs, rewire our brains for pleasure, learn to embrace our appetite, slooooow down and create mindfulness with our food. These practices alone have been proven to lead to sustainable weight loss, body love, body acceptance, a happy digestion and increased mood.

We will start to explore what it would look like to see food as a gift, rather than the enemy.

We will get clear on our Food Story, how we eat, why we eat and who we are when we eat, because that is just as important, if not more so, than what we eat.



In Module Two we will dive into the most transformational food practices that reduce stress, increase relaxation and set ourselves (and our bodies) up for health.

We will get clear on how we define health, how we define success and what practices work for you in your unique life. You are the designer. You are the creator. Therefore you get to decide and get clear on what works for you.

Together we will define your new Food Story and retrain your brain through inspired action to choose love and acceptance over hate and denial.



In the last two weeks of the program is a reclamation. It’s in this high vibe place where we integrate the practices that align with our highest good and highest power. From this transformational place we are able to make goals that align with our deepest desires with food and body.

It’s here where we really start to understand that nothing about us needs to change in order for us to love, accept and appreciate ourselves.

It’s in this space that we are able to reclaim a love for food. It’s in this space where we meet ourselves with kindness and compassion rather than guilt and regret.




Applying to the program does not require you to join.

It simply acknowledges you know the price of the program and are excited to invest if we are a good fit.


Loving yourself and your body will get you a hell of a lot farther than hating it will.

Emily Rosen

The Nitty Gritty

  • One-on-one coaching program

  • 6 weeks, all online

  • One 60-minute Transformational Coaching call each week

  • Accountability and support in between sessions via email and text

  • All calls are recorded and yours to keep - go back and listen at any time!

  • Food & Spirit Workbook

  • Food & Spirit Package sent right to your doorstep

The goodness

Week One: The Spirituality Of Mindfulness + Slowing Down

Mindfulness and presence in and of itself can and will transform the way you feel in your body and interact with food. Together we will uncover who you are in your life, your habits and how that negatively and positively impacts your relationship with food and body.

Week Two: The Metabolic Power Of Peace + Pleasure

All healing happens in the relaxation state, so whether you want to heal a past trauma, broken bone, digestive issue, weight challenge - it can only happen when we are relaxed. Period. Together we will strategize ways in which you will nourish your body on a Soul level.

Week Three: The Spirituality Of Food, Embodiment + The Divine Feminine

My teacher once said to me “The opposite of dying isn’t living. It’s embodiment.” It’s time to fully agree to be here, be present and show up as the authentic badass you are. There is so much healing in standing in your power.

Week Four: The Metabolic Power Of Belief, Thought + Your Food Story

Our personal power = our metabolic power. And how we interact with our power, stems from our thoughts. This week we will uncover toxic nutritional beliefs that are potentially holding you back and how to intentionally choose something different.

Week Five: The Metabolic Power Of Moving Beyond The Body

You are more than a body. You are a spiritual being, having a human experience. We must move beyond the attachment of the body and how it looks and step into how to nourish your Soul and your body.

Week Six: The Spirituality Of Making Food + Life Sacred

It’s time to step fully into you life and feel alive. Your health and happiness is not dependent on how you look, what you eat or how much you weigh.

If you lose weight by abusing yourself and your body, the fight won’t automatically stop once you get there. If you want a sustainable result, try loving yourself to your destination.
— Marc David


2 payments of $325

4 payments of $190

Applying to the program does not require you to join. Applying does confirm that you are aware of the price of the program, and if we decide this is a good fit, you are willing, ready and able to join.

My relationship with food and body is forever changed because of Ashley. I came to her hating my body, overweight and miserable. Things have shifted dramatically for me since then - I no longer guilt myself over my weight or what I eat and that in and of itself has led to body love - even without the weight loss! I no longer feel like something about me needs to change in order to love myself and I am happier than ever!
— Lori C.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I expect to lose weight during this program?

The truth is, we don’t know how much the body is supposed to weigh. You may lose weight during this program, you may not. I would release any expectations of weight loss during this program because what I often see is when women let go of the crazy expectations and restrictions, amazing things can happen.

How much time can I expect to dedicate to this program each week?

This program has been designed to allow for lots of space to practice the skills we will be talking about. Many of the practices are meant to fit into your life easily. The guiding principles of this program are simplicity, sustainability and soulful. I would recommend 2-3 hours/week to get the most out of the program, and that is including the live calls.

I struggle with emotional eating and binge eating - is this program going to help me with that?

You are a perfect candidate for this program! If you struggle with disordered eating in any way, this program will be incredibly beneficial. We will be addressing over-eating, binge eating, emotional eating, body shame, body dysmorphia, culture standards and expectations, intuitive eating, mindful eating and much more. It will be information-packed with lots of tools, tips and ideas to creating a healthy relationship with food and body.

I am currently on a diet - can I still join the program?

Maybe. For many of us we have been trying the same diets and programs over and over again, expecting different results. This program is different because I put YOU in the drivers seat. I will be asking you to try things that may feel vulnerable or uncomfortable. I ask that all the women that join this program have an open mind, are open to new concepts and are fully ready to commit to trying different approaches to health. If you feel you can do that while on a diet, please join. If not, I’d ask that you pass on this program.

Will you be giving out a meal plan?

What’s interesting about this program is that we will rarely talk about food. Why? Because 99% of the time, food is not the issue. This is a program where you will be clear on what works for you, rather than depending on an outside source to dictate what you should and should not eat.

I have literally tried everything when it comes to weight loss and I always end up right back where I started. How will this program be any different?

What many diets often completely disregard is who we are with food, why we eat, and how we eat. Many diets focus on WHAT we eat, which is only a small sliver of our struggles. This program peels back the layers of your unique story, your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and offers personalized support, personalized suggestions and accountability - something many diets and programs don’t offer. This is a comprehensive program where you will be surrounded by like-minded women who struggle many of the same things you do.

I don't want to lose weight but struggle with my relationship with food and body and have digestive issues. Will this program help me with that?

Yes! In this program we will be covering my most effective tips for feeling vibrant, healthy, alive and happy. Many of the tools we will be talking about have not only helped me feel more accepting and loving toward myself, but have cleared up so many digestive issues that I thought I would have to live with forever.


2 payments of $325

4 payments of $190

Applying to the program does not require you to join. Applying does confirm that you are aware of the price of the program, and if we decide this is a good fit, you are willing, ready and able to join.

No one on their deathbed wishes they had dieted more.
— Marc David