The Empowered Sisterhood

Raising the vibe, one empowered woman at a time.

During the month of January 2019 I had 25 conversations with some badass women who all appeared to be struggling with the same things:

  • Not feeling confident enough in herself to speak her mind or go after her dreams.

  • Hearing our intuition, but not following it.

  • Feeling disempowered and depleted by the busyness and chaos of day-to-day life. (Never feeling like there’s enough time in a day.)

  • Caring waaaaaay too much about what other people think of her.

  • Feeling insecure and disappointed about where she is or how far she’s gone.

  • Doubting her decisions and always second-guessing herself.

  • Lacking the motivation and willpower to stay on track.

  • Falling back into negative behavioral and thought patterns because sometimes it’s easier just to say “fuck it.”

I’m not gonna lie, I was heartbroken by the themes of these conversations.

And honestly, I had my hand raised for many of the same challenges.

How could it be that we as a society have every resource we could possibly need at our fingertips to live our happiest, healthiest lives, yet we still struggle and stay stuck? This got me thinking — what is really going on here? What is the root of these struggles?

Is it our culture? The expectations? The pressure we put on ourselves? All of the above?

What kind of bullshit are we consuming that has led to nearly every single woman I talk to feeling so damn insecure about herself and her life? And more importantly….

What’s it going to take to finally step into our power as women and stop caring so much about what others think?

One thing that I know we as women are incredibly good at, is being there for others. We are nurturers. We are lovers and caretakers by nature. And The Empowered Sisterhood Program is about giving AND receiving. No guilt included.

There is something so potent and so powerful about women joining together for the same purpose, who all want the same things, and The Empowered Sisterhood Program is your opportunity to connect with like-minded women who are ready to change the way they’ve been living.

Empowered women, empower women.
— Jenna Kutcher

The empowered sisterhood is more than a program: It’s a lifestyle.

It’s time to create a new culture of women. One that supports, encourages and lifts each other up. One that nourishes, nurtures and empowers. One that is sustainable, simple and Soulful.

And it starts with US.

Only 3 spots left!

(Applying to the program does not require you to join, but acknowledges that you are aware of the requirements, payment and commitment)

In the Empowered Sisterhood Program you can expect:

Compassion, love, vulnerability, tangible tools to apply to your daily life that will support you in overcoming some of your biggest challenges, positivity, truth, strength, integrity, and of course empowerment.

Together what we will be working to minimize within ourselves and as a supportive community: comparison, competition, cattiness, judgment, criticism, jealousy, gossip, excuses, expectations.

Nitty Gritty Details:

  • 90 Day Program, March 4th - June 4th, 2019

  • Two 60-minute Empowered Sisterhood calls each month (each call will be done on the Full + New Moons to harness and align with our intuitive power). Each call will be interactive and focused on integrating new concepts and methods to overcoming our biggest struggles. Calls will include a combination of lecture, discussion, Q + A and breakout rooms to connect with other participants.

  • Each empowered woman will receive one 50-minute Transformative Coaching Call each month (3 total).

  • Empowered Sisterhood Online Community for additional support in between sessions.

  • Monthly Moon Workbooks.

  • Moon Monday Inspirational Emails (receive poems, articles, essays and inspiration written by our favorite empowered women like Oprah, Maya Angelou, Brene Brown, and more)

  • Only 12 spots available.

  • BONUS Empowered Guest Speakers.

Monthly topics include:

How to actively choose community over competition.

Owning our strengths and talents as a way to overcome jealousy.

How to support one another when we feel like we aren’t succeeding ourselves.

How to use our voice to strengthen our confidence.

Addressing underlying limiting beliefs that stop us from living the life we deeply desire.

Learning to trust our intuition as a way to build confidence, trust ourselves, identify our truth and connect with our internal guidance system.

Only 3 spots left!

We get in life what we have the courage to ask for.
— Oprah

Who is the empowered sisterhood for?

Plain and simple, the Empowered Sisterhood is for women who are no longer willing to wait to show up, feel alive and live their happiest, most real life.

It’s for empowered women who are no longer willing to put their needs and desires on the back burner because of some bullshit limiting belief. The Empowered Sisterhood is for women:

  • Who long to feel confident AF when they speak up, walk into a room, get naked, go after that dream, or have the difficult conversation.

  • Who are ready to not only listen to their intuition, but to follow and trust it.

  • Who are ready to stay consistent and committed to their needs, wants, goals and desires.

  • Who are no longer willing to settle for what they’ve currently been tolerating.

  • Who are craving a supportive community of women who want the same things you do.

  • Who are ready to wholeheartedly love and be loved.

  • Who are ready to kick whatever is stopping them in the ass, once and for all.

These women also look like:

Entrepreneurs and small business owners

Side hustlers

Feminists + activists



Personal development + productivity junkies

Perfectionists, people-pleasers, conflict avoiders

Sound like you? Thought so 😉

Pay in full: $650

3 monthly payments: $220

Or, 6 monthly payments of $110

(Applying to the program does not require you to join, but acknowledges that you are aware of the requirements, payment and commitment).

Only 3 spots left! Who will complete this sisterhood?

Secure your spot for only $50 (goes toward your first payment).

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.
— Empowered Woman

Got Questions? I’ve got answers.

How much time will this program require?

You can expect to commit 1-2 hours per week to this program. However, much of what we will be practicing and integrating into our lives are simple, sustainable tasks and tools that don’t require you to set aside more time. They are meant to ease seamlessly into your daily life.

How much 1:1 support can I expect to get from you?

In addition to your personalized coaching session each month, you will be able to reach out to me via email and / or community forum whenever you’d like. Also, at the end of each Live Coaching Call I will leave time for Q + A, yet another opportunity to get your questions answered.

Where is the community forum hosted?

The Empowered Sisterhood Community is hosted on a platform called Mighty Networks. It works similarly to a Facebook group, but better, in my opinion. It is an online private community that each participant in the program will get exclusive access to. As a community member you will have access to resources, articles, journaling prompts, blog posts, as well as connection and communication with myself and other participants in the program. This is a sacred, safe space to share, ask questions, celebrate and support one another as we move through this program together.

Do you offer personalized payment plans?

Let’s put it this way: If you are committed, determined and ready to put in the work to create the life you deserve, I’m willing to make that happen in any way possible. Contact me here with the subject line “personalized payment plans for TES” and we will be in touch!

She was powerful, not because she wasn’t scared, but because she went on so strongly despite the fear.
— Atticus