How Do You Want To Feel? 

This is one of the most powerful questions you will ever ask yourself. For me for the longest time I lived my life around the question: what do I need to do/get done/accomplish today? I slogged through the motions of my life almost like my life was happening to me and not for me (there's a difference you know)...It was like I was living by default with no intention and no aliveness. What's a life if you don't feel alive? It felt like I was just skating by on the surface of life and I had this nagging feeling that something was missing. I craved something deeper but I had no idea what I needed - until The Desire Map landed in my lap. Then my whole life changed. 

I realized after designing my life around how I wanted to feel rather than wanted I needed to get done, it wasn't the experiences I was missing out on, it was the depth of my experience. My life was flat. Beige. Vanilla. I realized I wasn't here to check a bunch of goals off my list and accomplish this or that, but to live each day with more zest, more love, more fulness, more LIFE. 

Life is meant to be lived, not by what you can get done, but by how you want to feel. 


Workshop: How Do You Want To Feel? 

This Level One workshop is for women out there who feel like they are going through the motions of life. Their lives feel mundane, superficial and like something is missing. They want something more, but they aren't sure what. This workshop will help you get uber clear on your core desired feelings (how you want to feel everyday) and exactly what to do to feel that way. 

2 hours. $40. Online. Workbook included. 

Workshop: Creating Goals With Soul

This Level Two workshop is for women who know how they want to feel in their lives, and are now ready to create the inspired action to infuse those feelings into their everyday life. This is where your life really starts to transform, it's where you start witnessing the shifts and changes in your mood, your relationships and how you are showing up in the world. Be prepared. Your life is about to change. 

2 hours. $40. Online. Workbook included. 

Design Your Life + Own Your Joy (6 week virtual program) 

You're so ready. You've got your core desired feelings mapped out and you are committed to staying accountable to making them show up in your life.

Let's say you want to cut out sugar or start dating again or lose 10 lbs. or start writing that book once and for all...but you tend to get stuck, or lose motivation, or lose sight of what's important and where you're going. It's ok. It happens to me too. 

One of the main reasons we don't reach our goals? Because we don't have a good reason why we want the goal in the first place, and the process of reaching that goal feels like shit.  

Enter: Desire Mapping. 

The 6-week Design Your Life + Own Your Joy Program is the accountable support system you've been looking for. You not only get the Desire Map process (and all the goodies), but you also get me, your personal Desire Map Coach with you for the ride.  

6 weeks. Online. 6 coaching sessions. Workbooks. Resources. $800. Apply Here



Desire Map Yoga Workshop: Embodiment With Soul 

Own a yoga studio? I'd love to lead an empowered, in-depth workshop on uncovering our core desired feelings, creating goals with soul, followed by an embodiment-focused yoga practice designed to move out stuck energy and open up your mind, body and spirit to your deepest desires. 

Sound awesome? It is. 

3 hours. In person. Workbook included. $80/person

Bring your own mat, towel, journal and drink of choice. 

Feel free to inquire here about booking your Embodiment With Soul workshop. 

Listed above are the ways in which I predominately share The Desire Map process with the world, but also do 1-on-1 Desire Map Coaching Sessions, monthly free Intro To Desire Mapping classes, women's circles and my most ever-growing Manifest Your Best Life New Year's Eve Workshop. To stay in the loop with upcoming events, jump on my newsletter for all the latest happenings. To inquire about my other offerings, hit me up right here


What will you do to feel the way you want to feel? If your goals aren’t synched with the substance of your heart, then achieving them won’t matter much
— Danielle Laporte