The Embodied Soul

A 7-week deep dive into feeling alive, cultivating clarity and aligning your Soul with purpose and joy.

Here’s what I tend to see as a coach:

We do well for a few weeks…then eventually fall off track and end up right back where we started.

We feel confident for a day or two….then we find ourselves right back in the trap of comparison and feeling like we aren’t doing enough and aren’t far enough along.

We start to align with our purpose….then get scared about what other people will think or say about us.

It’s a vicious cycle and roller coaster that is exhausting and can last years.



Momentum without falling into busyness. Is there such a thing? YES. Making progress with hustling for our worth. Is it possible? YES.

We don’t have to sacrifice our sanity or our time to feel like we are making progress, are worthy and enough.


Achieve Your Goals With Ease

For so many of us we create goals from our ego - to achieve, accomplish and check one more thing off our list. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be productive and achieve things. But when we do it from a place of scarcity and lack of worthiness, therein lies the problem.

You don’t have to do a single thing in order to be worthy. In this module we will:


Confidence + Clarity

This is where the rubber meets the road. This module is all about:

  • Caring less and less about what other people think so we can be brave with our lives.

  • Cultivating the confidence in ourselves to make those big dreams come true.

Nitty gritty

Over the course of 7 weeks we will be using the Chakra System as well as The Desire Map as a way to align with our purpose, understand what gets in our way so we can bust through those blocks, and build the confidence and clarity to make empowered decisions and inspired action.

First Chakra (week one): Creating a solid foundation is absolutely key for creating our goals. What kind of foundation do you want to lean on when things go sideways? Answer: a strong ass one. We will be identifying our values.

Second Chakra (week two): Feminine energy is powerful as fuck when we are able to let our guard down and be vulnerable. There is so much strength in grace, tenderness and ease.

Third Chakra (week three): What are you ready to commit to? What lights your fire? What needs your time and energy? All questions we will be diving into in week three.

Fourth Chakra (week four): Mmmmm, the heart. If I had it my way, everyone on the planet would live from a heart-centered place. Every decision, every word, every action would be from the place of love and for love. This week is all about how we check in with ourselves to align more with our hearts.

Fifth Chakra (week five): Truth. Your voice. Your creative expression. Your unique embodiment in this world. How can we be showing up as more of our authentic selves? An essential part to embodying our joy.

Sixth Chakra (week six): One of our gifts as women is that innate intuition that we all have. This week is all about building trust in listening to that incredibly smart, beautiful voice that always has your best interest at heart.

Seventh Chakra (week seven): Connection. To yourself. To your values. To your peeps. To your soul and what is most important. And let me tell you, it’s not the amount of money in your bank or your relationship status. This is about being awake and alive in your life. This my dear, is the cherry on top.

What women are saying:

As a life coach (16+ years) and yoga instructor (7+ years), I enjoy witnessing the light go on in other people’s lives. The Desire Map is a tool that anyone can use to steer their lives according to the constellation of their core desired feelings. This work has profoundly impacted me and I’m ecstatic about sharing it with others.
— Corey Stiles Desire Map Workshop Participant
I’ve been through (and led) many leadership and growth workshops and I can honestly say The Desire Map workshop has been one of the most powerful I’ve experienced. The exercises, the journal time, the clear and encouraging facilitation and the support of the other participants all contributed to a stellar event.
— Pamela Sampel Desire Map Workshop Participant
Ashley has a remarkable way of reminding you what you are capable of and creating a clear plan in moving you forward. I came to her feeling so lost, and I have so much more inspiration and clarity now!
— Amanda P.